How to Catch and Cook an Iguana?

Answer Iguana is a tasty meat. It tastes similar to chicken. It is the 'other' white meat!

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How to Care for an Iguana?

Green Iguana in captivity; plenty of sunIguanas are cold blooded reptiles. They are not easy to care for and often die in captivity. They should never be purchased without careful consideration. Ig... Read More »

Iguana Games for Kids?

The iguana, a reptile native to North America, parts of the South Pacific and Africa and some of the Caribbean islands, is a great introduction to getting your kids interested in animals and scienc... Read More »

How to Build an Iguana Cage?

Iguanas are large, cold-blooded animals that require a very specific environment in which to thrive. When they are young, iguanas can easily fit in a store-bought aquarium. As iguanas grow an aquar... Read More »

How do I construct an iguana habitat?

Iguanas, especially baby iguanas, can often be found in pet stores at a reasonable price. It may be easy to keep these baby iguanas in an aquarium for awhile, but eventually they will grow large en... Read More »