How to Catch a Woodpecker Fish on "Fish Wrangler"?

Answer "Fish Wrangler," an online game that can be played through a Facebook application, takes players on an adventure on the seas of the fictional land of Waterport. The main goal of the game is to catc... Read More »

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How to Catch a Vampire Fish on Fish Wrangler?

Become a master of the seas by catching all the different types of fish in the Facebook application "Fish Wrangler." "Wrangler" is a passive fish hunting game; every 15 minutes players can cast out... Read More »

How to Catch an Emo Fish on Fish Wrangler?

"Fish Wrangler" is an online game that can be played on Facebook. In "Wrangler," you play as an up-and-coming fisherman taking on the seas. You can buy rods, boats and chum for bait as well as less... Read More »

How to Catch Fish in a Lake?

This could be the way to do!Catching fishes in the lake is not easy. You need presence of mind and patience to catch. It is very easy to catch a fish. Just read this article and go on

Catch Fish in a Pond?

Fishing is fun. It's great. But fishing in a pond has it's own special benefits!Get your tackle and bait together. Pond fishing is often simple, so a cane pole and worms may be all you need, depend... Read More »