How to Catch a Wild Lizard with a Cup?

Answer The basic wild lizard is quite easily caught from the wild. All you need is a cup, piece of paper that can cover the top of the cup, plastic or see-through, an area that a lizard can be found in, m... Read More »

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How to Catch a Lizard in the Wild?

Lizards can be found in almost every habitat on earth, with the exception of Antarctica and some remote, mostly-barren islands. The diverse nature of the species is due, in part, to their adaptive ... Read More »

How to Catch a Wild Lizard and Hold It?

How to catch a wild lizard without using a trap (easy way.)

How to Catch a Lizard?

Catching, observing, and releasing lizards can be difficult and challenging, but with practice and technique, you may just find it is possible for anyone to do.

How to Capture a Pet Lizard from the Wild?

Lizard outsideYou see this amazing lizard on display in the store. You want it, but it's pricey at 100 dollars. You might be able to capture your own lizard for free, and raise it to be every bit a... Read More »