How to Catch a Wailord in "Pokemon Emerald"?

Answer Wailord is a large, water-type Pokemon available in the later portion of "Pokemon Emerald." Though it is significantly easier and quicker to just level up a Wailmer and evolve it into Wailord, you ... Read More »

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How to Get Wailord in Pokemon Emerald?

WailordYou want a water pokemon with high defense skills?This pokemon you are thinking of is by the name of Wailord.Here is an article showing you how to get a Wailord

How to Catch All Pokemon and Gameshark Codes for Pokemon Emerald?

GameShark is cool, but do not flood it with these codes. If you activate too many cheats, the game software will not know how to handle so many changes. Your GBA will let you know when you have too... Read More »

How to Catch Mew on "Pokemon Emerald"?

Mew, a small, pink cat-like creature with psychic powers, was one of the first legendary Pokemon to be created. In "Pokemon Emerald," it is still possible to catch Mew if you are able to go to Fara... Read More »

How to Catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald?

This article can help you catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald.