How to Catch a Vampire Fish on Fish Wrangler?

Answer Become a master of the seas by catching all the different types of fish in the Facebook application "Fish Wrangler." "Wrangler" is a passive fish hunting game; every 15 minutes players can cast out... Read More »

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How to Catch a Woodpecker Fish on "Fish Wrangler"?

"Fish Wrangler," an online game that can be played through a Facebook application, takes players on an adventure on the seas of the fictional land of Waterport. The main goal of the game is to catc... Read More »

How to Catch an Emo Fish on Fish Wrangler?

"Fish Wrangler" is an online game that can be played on Facebook. In "Wrangler," you play as an up-and-coming fisherman taking on the seas. You can buy rods, boats and chum for bait as well as less... Read More »

How to Catch Croaker Fish?

The croaker fish can swim in depths of more than 300 feet. It has a pinkish or gold tint on silver scales. The croaker fish gets its name because it actually makes croaking sounds through it gills.... Read More »

How to Catch Sturgeon Fish?

Sturgeon feed on nearly anything that is remotely edible in the water. This ranges from insects and smaller fish to dead fish and other animals that have washed into the water. Catching sturgeon is... Read More »