How to Catch a Spiritomb in Pokemon Diamond?

Answer Are you tired of searching the GTS for Spiritomb? Well, here's the instructions on how to get one.

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How to Catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

Catching Pokemon is extremely easy if you know how. All you need is some patience.

How to Catch Pokemon in the Swamp in "Pokemon Diamond"?

The Safari Zone --- a location where players can catch rare, wild Pokemon --- was first introduced in the original "Pokemon Red," "Blue" and "Yellow" versions. In "Pokemon Diamond," the Pastoria Gr... Read More »

How to Catch Delibird in Pokemon Diamond?

"Pokemon Diamond" is the fourth generation of Pokemon games which has 493 different beasts to capture and collect. One of the more elusive monsters in the game is known as a Delibird, which is a re... Read More »

Which ball do you use to catch the diamond pokemon?

Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls are most effective when trying to catch Dialga, the main legendary pokemon in "Pokemon Diamond." Timer balls are the most effective Poke Ball after 30 rounds have occurre... Read More »