How to Catch a Rodent in Your House?

Answer If you have pets, chances are they will bring some unwanted, live "gifts" into the house every now and then. Here's an effective way to catch and release these visitors safely and humanely.

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How to Catch a Bat in Your House?

Bats should not be flying through your house, and the animal may be sick. If the bat has had contact with a person or pet, or if the bat was present in the room of a sleeping person, the bat should... Read More »

How to Catch a Flying Squirrel in Your House?

Attics are strong temptations to squirrels when they are searching for a new dwelling place. If there are bird feeders and birdseed around, all the better. Although squirrels are cute little creatu... Read More »

If you have a mouse in your house do you try to catch it and set it free or...?

i usual catch the mouse with a harmless mouse trap and then i would let the mouse free in a big paddock or something. nothing living in this world should die because of someone's dislike. everythin... Read More »

How to Furnish a Vivarium for Your Exotic Rodent?

two 4ft APD vivariums joined togetherVivariums or tanks are not suitable for all rodents, so first check that it meets your chosen rodents' needs. Arboreal vivariums are great for climbing rodents ... Read More »