How to Catch a Munchlax on Pearl?

Answer "Pokemon: Pearl" is a collectibles role-playing game. Over the course of this adventure, the player can capture and raise hundreds of different breeds of Pokemon. The Munchlax is one of the rarest ... Read More »

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How to Catch Munchlax?

MunchlaxMunchlax is a very rare Pokemon. If you want to capture it, you've come to the right place!

How to Catch a Munchlax in Pokemon Diamond?

The key to catching a Munchlax in the game Pokemon Diamond is all in the preparation. Munchlax prefer trees as their habitat and only reveal themselves in order to eat. The best and only way to att... Read More »

How to Catch Giratina in "Pearl" Without GameShark?

Giratina is a large, dual-type (dragon and ghost) Pokemon found in the Turnback Cave area of "Pokemon Pearl." Players only have one shot at getting the legendary Pokemon Giratina, as accidentally d... Read More »

How Do You Catch a Feebas in Pokemon Pearl?

Feebas made its first appearance in the third-generation Pokemon games and gained notoriety for being extremely difficult to locate and capture. Nothing has changed in “Pokemon Pearl Version,” ... Read More »