How to Catch a Lizard in a Hole?

Answer Burrowing Lizards can be hard to find, although it is not recommended to take a Lizard from the wild and keep as a pet sometimes this is the only way, this method may also be used for research purp... Read More »

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How to Catch a Lizard?

Catching, observing, and releasing lizards can be difficult and challenging, but with practice and technique, you may just find it is possible for anyone to do.

How to Catch a Lizard Without Using Your Hands?

House guestMaybe it's the new visitor in your house. Maybe you just want to have a "pet" for a day. Here's how to catch a lizard without touching it.

How to Catch a Lizard Without Using a Trap?

Many people enjoy catching and studying wild lizards. One way to catch them is to use a trap. But what happens when you see a lizard, say a Green Anole, laying on the ground in front of you and you... Read More »

How to Catch a Pet Lizard or Skink?

Lizards and skinks are popular pets, but they can be easy to move if they escape from their cage or enclosure. Here's how you can retrieve a lizard that has escaped.