How to Catch a Darkrai Without Cheats or Event on Pokemon Pearl?

Answer In "Pokemon Pearl," one of the highly sought after and difficult to catch legendary pokemon is Darkrai, a Dark-type pokemon of the "Pitch Black" species. Darkrai was originally found in codes gener... Read More »

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How to Catch Darkrai in ""Pokemon Pearl""?

Darkrai is a figure in the Pokémon Pearl video games, as well as other Pokémon games and stories. Darkrai was first unveiled in 2007 and is a dark creature that sometimes appears as a shadow. In ... Read More »

Cheats for the Action Replay DS to Get Darkrai in "Pokemon Diamond"?

"Pokémon Diamond" for Nintendo DS features the legendary Dark-type Pokémon, Darkrai. Without codes, catching Darkrai is impossible. Doing so required a special "Nintendo Event" where they release... Read More »

How to Catch Darkrai in Pokemon Diamond?

Pokémon Diamond is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo. In the game, you explore different lands and try to catch various types of Pokémon in order to train them... Read More »

How to Catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

Catching Pokemon is extremely easy if you know how. All you need is some patience.