How to Catch a Crappie?

Answer The catch of the day!Crappie are mostly elusive, no matter what anybody says about them being "greedy fish". You have to take time to find the right lure to catch them. Follow these instructions to... Read More »

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How to Tie a Crappie Rig?

Crappie fishing is a favorite among many anglers who devote untold hours to catching these typically small-sized fish. Although record crappie have been caught weighing well over 4 pounds, an avera... Read More »

How to Troll for Crappie?

Trolling for crappie is one of the very best and easiest ways to catch these tasty fish all year long. A few simple steps can be easily modified for any lake where crappie live. Roosevelt Lake crappie

How to Tie Crappie Lures?

Crappies, which are pursued by fishermen across the United States, are a silver and black speckled panfish at home in water of all temperatures. Unlike some panfish species, crappie prefer to strik... Read More »

What bait is used for crappie?

Crappie will offer at an assortment of baits, including live baits such as minnows, shiners, insect larvae and night crawlers. Artificial lures that make effective crappie baits include small spoon... Read More »