How to Catch a Coho Salmon?

Answer Fishing in the Northwest may be intimidating with nothing but big rivers, and monstrous lakes all around you, but in the right season, head towards small creeks for both Salmon and Steel head.

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How do I fish for coho salmon?

BaitingHook a herring to your trolling gear as bait. Run one hook down through the head and out of the herring's mouth. Place the second hook into the flank of the herring.Setting Up Your TrollPlac... Read More »

Science Project Ideas for the Coho Salmon Life Cycle?

Coho salmon are a one-of-a-kind fish with a complex life cycle. Though you may not be excited about doing a science project on the coho salmon life cycle, if you take a creative approach to your pr... Read More »

How to Catch Salmon?

Salmon is a popular fish due to its versatile taste and nutritional value. Salmon's speed and migratory patterns make it a favorite for fishermen. Catching salmon takes patience, the right gear and... Read More »

I am a vegetarian. should I become a pescetarian I will eat salmon. I am craving salmon?

Eating salmon means you are eating animal flesh... means you are not vegetarian