How to Catch Zapdos in Firered?

Answer This article will show you how to get Zapdos in Pokemon Firered.

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How to Catch Zapdos in Pokemon Yellow?

You can only catch Zapdos in Pokemon Yellow version once you already have a Pokemon that knows surf.

How to Catch Zapdos in Pokémon Leaf Green?

Did you ever wonder where Zapdos is in Pokémon Leaf Green? If you would read this short article, you will know where to get him, how to catch him, and what you need.

How to Catch Deoxys on Pokemon FireRed?

"Pokemon FireRed" is the remake of the original "Pokemon Red" video game. There are many unique creatures in it, but the rarest are known as Legendary Pokemon. One of them is Deoxys, which can be f... Read More »

How to Catch a Suicune in Pokemon FireRed?

Suicune is a wolf-like legendary water Pokemon in the FireRed Version. To unlock Suicune, you must choose Charmander as your starter Pokemon, defeat the Elite Four and obtain the National Pokedex. ... Read More »