How to Catch Your Loose Hamster?

Answer If you own a hamster chances are sooner or later it will escape its cage. They can hide in the tiniest places or even inside your furniture or your walls. And they'll probably only come out at nigh... Read More »

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How to Let Your Hamster Loose Without Losing It?

Have you ever wanted to play with your hamster without losing it? Well here are steps on how to play with your hamster without him/her going off.

How to Catch a Hamster?

Being so small, hamsters can run quickly and hide under couches, beds, etc. Why use time and energy running after it when you can have your hammy come to you?

How to Catch a Runaway Hamster?

If your hamster decides to have a little more freedom, stay calm and follow these simple suggestions. Hopefully, with a little patience, your hamster will turn up as happy and healthy as ever. Stay... Read More »

How to Catch a Loose Horse?

Free... but not for longHorses often get loose from either their stalls, crossties, or hitching area. Learn how to catch them without a halter.