How to Catch Your Dog when They Run After Another Dog or Person?

Answer Did your dog start chasing someone and somehow escaped the leash?

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Can a vaccinated person still catch the swine flu?

no because a vaccine is weakened germs of that virus. your immune system fights the weakened germs then it can fight the stronger ones

How to Catch a Person Who Uses Your Email Address?

Regardless of how secure an email server is, at any time hackers may get into your email account. It can be hard to catch such people, but with the help of in-browser chatting you may be able to se... Read More »

How does a person catch a Stomach Virus?

The "stomach virus" is commonly caused by the Norwalk virus.It usually last about 24 hours for most people.It can cause watery diarrhea(almost like you are urinating out your bum!),projectile vomit... Read More »

There's this person I like, and they looked 9 times on Thursday. I sometimes catch then looking at me.?

Don't intimidate them, just smile at them and walk awayif they build up the courage to say something to say don't be rude just say something nice like "Sure"Or you could just go up to them and say ... Read More »