How to Catch Water Turtles?

Answer Turtles that live in water full time are often very hard to catch. This is a way to build a trap that won't hurt the turtles but will catch them.

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How to Catch Turtles in a Pond?

Although pond turtles are generally good for the environment and typically harmless, sometimes aggressive snapping turtles can invade an otherwise peaceful pond, becoming a menace and good candidat... Read More »

How do sea turtles catch their food?

According to Sea World, there are a variety of species of sea turtle, each using a specially adapted mouth to catch their food. Sea turtles can be herbivorous (plant eating), carnivorous (meat eati... Read More »

Do turtles live in the water?

Turtles are amphibious creatures, which means they can breathe on land but must live and hibernate in water. In different parts of the world, turtles are called terrapins, turtles or tortoises. How... Read More »

Do red ear water turtles hibernate?

Red-eared sliders become inactive in the autumn once air temperatures reach below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Red-eared sliders hibernate individually, most often under water, though they will also o... Read More »