How to Catch Pikachu in Pokemon Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl?

Answer Here's how to catch the famous mouse Pokemon, Pikachu, in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

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How to Catch Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum?

So you want to catch the Lake Trio, also known as the Spirits of the Lakes. They are Uxie the Being of Knowledge, Mesprit the Being of Emotion, and Azelf, the Being of Willpower. Catching them requ... Read More »

How to Migrate Pokemon to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?

Have you ever wondered how to get your Pokemon from Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, and Leafgreen into Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum without using a Wireless Adapter or Game Link Cable? Here's how!

How to Get Leafeon on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum?

Leafeon is one of the Evolutions of Eevee. If you don't know how to obtain one, then this is the right article for you!

How to Get a Glaceon in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum?

Here are the steps that shows how to get a Glaceon.