How to Catch Latios & Latias?

Answer This is how to catch Latios/Latias in Pokemon Emerald.

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How to Get a Latios or Latias in Pokemon Pearl?

Latios and Latias, the eon Pokémon, do not appear naturally in "Pokémon Pearl," but you can migrate them from your Game Boy Advance (GBA) "Pokémon Ruby," "Sapphire" or "Emerald" game to "Pokemon... Read More »

How to Catch to Catch Latias in Emerald Gameshark?

Here's how to catch Latias in Pokemon Emerald Gameshark.

How to Catch Latias Easily?

This is not a lie and the truth and read on to know how to catch Latias!

How to Catch Latias in Pokemon Sapphire?

So you have Pokemon Sapphire, and you're ready to get out and catch yourself a frustrating, wandering legendary, much like the dogs in G/S/C. Well, you're in for a treat. Even though everyone says ... Read More »