How to Catch Kyurem on Pokemon Black?

Answer This is a quick and easy guide to catch the very powerful and sought-after Ice lengendary Pokemon Kyurem. This is crucial in the completion of the Pokedex and battling in general as it is on of the... Read More »

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How to Catch Victini in Pokemon Black and White?

This article has been marked as historical. The topic of this article is no longer active, no longer ongoing, or does not exist. (Posted 2011-09-27).Victini[1] is a dual legendary Fire and Psychic ... Read More »

How to Catch Virizon in Pokemon Black and White?

Virizon is hard to catch, since it is a rare legendary Pokemon. Here's how to make it easier!

How to Catch Rayquaza on Pokemon, With Very Underleveled Pokemon?

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How to Catch the Pokemon Past the Whirlpool in "Pokemon: Soul Silver"?

One of the most difficult challenges in "Pokemon SoulSilver" takes place on an island that you reach by crossing a whirlpool. After completing the main storyline of the game, players cross the whir... Read More »