How to Catch Kingfish?

Answer Kingfish are a popular species of fish found primarily in the Gulf of Mexico, but also along other points on the American coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Ranging from under 10 pounds (or 4.5 kg) to mo... Read More »

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How to Rig for a Kingfish?

Kingfish can be found all along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts during the warm summer months and around the Florida coast year-round. Popular for their large size, fierce bite and strong fights, the ... Read More »

How to Tie a Kingfish Rig?

Kingfish, also called king mackerel, are known for their tremendous size. They are the biggest of the pure mackerel family, and are known for the speed of their runs once hooked. Kingfish are abund... Read More »

How to Catch to Catch Latias in Emerald Gameshark?

Here's how to catch Latias in Pokemon Emerald Gameshark.

I need to catch a rat?

buy a mouse trap you cheap bastard and some rat bait and maybe some cheese.