How to Catch Fish With a Jugline?

Answer Catching fish with a "jugline" is easy. Fish will often bite free floating bait, because it is flowing naturally with a current. Watching the results of juglining can be fun, too.

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How to Catch a Fish With a Leech?

Leeches are effective live baits for a wide variety of fish species. Walleye anglers use leeches extensively, but nearly any fish that swims in freshwater will eat them, too. Leeches have a tantali... Read More »

How to Catch a Fish With a Piece of String?

Trapped in the wild with only a piece of thread and a pocket knife? You can catch a fish to eat with only this.

How to catch fish with a slip bobber?

A slip-bobber rig allows an angler to control the depth at which he fishes through the placement of the bobber-stop. When the angler casts this rig, the line slips through the bobber until the bobb... Read More »

How to Catch Fish With Your Hands?

This guide is applicable to shallow streams only.