How to Catch Dialga and Palkia in Pokemon Platinum?

Answer Do you love Dialga/Palkia and want them on your team? Well then, this article is here to help!

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How to Catch Dialga/Palkia?

This guide tells you how to easily catch the legendary Pokemon from your Diamond/Pearl game. Keep in mind that this strategy probably works on more pokemon than just these two.

How to Catch Palkia in Pokemon Pearl?

This is an article on how to catch Palkia in Pokemon Pearl version. Palkia, in case you didn't know, is the Pokemon featured on the front cover of the Pokemon Pearl box. And if you have Diamond don... Read More »

How to Catch a Giratina in Pokemon Platinum?

Giratina is a powerful Dragon- and Ghost-type Pokemon that is the main legendary Pokemon of "Pokemon Platinum". It has extremely high Defense and can learn a variety of strong moves such as Shadow ... Read More »

How to Catch Cyndaquil in "Pokemon Platinum"?

Cyndaquil is the Fire-type starting Pokemon first introduced in "Pokemon Gold" and "Pokemon Silver." Cyndaquil can only appear on "Pokemon Platinum"after you capture one on a copy of one of the Gam... Read More »