How to Catch Creek Creatures?

Answer Do you live near a creek? Have you seen all those odd creature swimming around? Do you want to catch some?

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How to Catch Crayfish in a Creek?

Crayfish, also called craw fish or crawdads, are closely related to lobsters. Growing to approximately 3-inches long, they have a joined head and midsection, segmented body, a hard shell, four pair... Read More »

Are earthworms useful creatures?

On One Hand: They Help Fertilize.Earthworms are a great help to humans in that they aid in healthy plant growth by fertilizing soil. For this reason, a 1979 article in the "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette"... Read More »

How to Make Paper Creatures?

Children can make very creative art projects when given even very simple materials. With only an assortment of paper and some imagination, children can make silly creatures with this paper craft.

How to Make Nutshell Creatures?

Nutshell creatures are cute and very easy to make. Ask your mom and dad to keep the shells from nuts so that you can make endless creations. Or, make your creatures using whole nutshells with the n... Read More »