How to Catch Crawfish by Hand?

Answer Some people are frightened by the idea of picking up a crawfish by hand, but it really isn't that hard due to the crustaceans inflexibility and exoskeleton.

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How to Catch Crawfish?

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How to Catch a Crawfish or Crayfish?

Crawfish are crustaceans that inhabit freshwater. Catch crawfish for cooking purposes or to use as bait fish. Crawfish are found around streams, beneath rocks, in reservoirs and in lakes. They tend... Read More »

Can you use frozen crawfish for a crawfish boil?

Crawfish---also known as crayfish---are best when served fresh, but frozen varieties can be used for a boil if you are unable to get live or recently caught shellfish. Thaw the frozen crawfish in a... Read More »

How to Make a Hand Catch With String?

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