How to Catch Chansey in Pokémon Silver?

Answer ChanseyPokémon Silver can be a very challenging game. If you've tried to catch Chansey and are frustrated by it, read this guide to learn how.

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How to Catch Aerodactyl in Pokemon Silver?

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How to Really Catch Celebi in Pokemon Silver Version?

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How to Catch Ho-Oh in Pokemon Silver Without a Master Ball?

Ho-oh is one of the three legendary bird Pokemon in the "Pokemon Silver" game. Ho-oh is a bird and fire-type Pokemon. It is immune to ground-type attacks, vulnerable to water, electric and rock att... Read More »

How Do I Catch Raikou and Entei in "Soul Silver"?

One hundred and fifty years prior to the events of "Pokemon: SoulSilver", the Brass Tower in Ecruteak City burnt down. Five legendary Pokemon resided there: three of them perished, while Lugia and ... Read More »