How to Catch Bardi Grubs?

Answer Also known as a witchetty grub, the bardi grub is nasty-looking. It burrows in the bark of dead and damaged trees as the larvae of the cosid or bardi moths. In primitive Australian regions, these g... Read More »

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How to Catch Perch With Power Grubs?

Soft plastic lures are some of the best lures to catch perch. Here is a way to catch them with a scented grub.

How to Get Rid of Grubs?

a grubIf the your lawn has big brown spots and can be pulled up like a patch, then you have grub worm damage. These grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles. Japanese beetles are dormant in the win... Read More »

Different Lawn Grubs?

Grubs, the immature larval stage of scarab beetles, can cause extensive lawn damage by feeding on the plant's root system. Moles, skunks and raccoons also seek out grubs as the main staple of their... Read More »

Grubs in My New Grass?

Grubs that attack turfgrass are the larvae of different types of scarab beetles, including Japanese beetles, green June bugs and chafer beetles. In addition to damaging the roots of your grass, the... Read More »