How to Catch Articuno in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green?

Answer Having trouble catching those three birds? Caught 2 but can't catch the 3rd? Searching for help? Well, search no more. I am here to help you catch Articuno. It takes a while but it is worth it.

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How to Catch Entei in Pokemon Leaf Green?

EnteiEntei, like the other Legendary beasts, is a very hard Pokémon to catch. But with time, and a lot of luck, you should soon have Entei.

How to Beat the Second Kanto Gym Leader in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green?

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How to Capture Pokemon in the Safari Zone on "Pokemon Leaf Green"?

Fuchsia City in "Pokemon Leaf Green" features a Safari Zone, a location where players can catch rare wild Pokemon such as Tauros, Kangaskhan and Dragonair. In regular game play, trainers catch a w... Read More »

How to Catch Mew in Pokemon Fire Red?

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