How to Cast the Human Figure in Plaster?

Answer The human figure can be cast in plaster to obtain human body shaped molds, which you can use in your sculpture projects. Life-casting, also known as body-casting, is a complex procedure that requir... Read More »

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Does it hurt to get a plaster cast?

When i broke my arm i needed a plaster case it doest hurt at all just a but uncomfortable ' they will dipp this special plaster roll in water making it easy to shape and rap tey will then wrap on t... Read More »

Does it hurt to get a plaster cast on?

They do not numb you to cast you. And the process is not painful. It might be a bit uncomfortable, because they have to hold your foot and ankle in the proper position while they apply the cast, bu... Read More »

How to Mix Plaster to Cast Footprints?

Create timeless memories for your loved ones by casting your feet, hands and even pet's paws in plaster. The process is quick and easy and it requires little crafting skill and supplies. Plaster ca... Read More »

Plaster cast on the left leg.?

You should ask your doctor.I didn't,and kept walking on it.It didn't heal right and hurt longer than it should have.When I broke my other foot,I stayed off it,used my crutches,used a thinner stick ... Read More »