How to Cast a Spell in RuneScape?

Answer Have you ever seen some people in Runescape hitting 20 or 15 damage on monsters with these glowing balls of color? Do you want to be like them? It is very easy to cast a spell in RuneScape.

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How to Cast a Spell?

The following will walk you through a basic wish-granting spell.

How to Cast a Love Spell?

Whether or not you believe in magic, the fact remains that ritual is a powerful way of focusing one’s intention in order to manifest a certain goal. To cast a love spell, follow these steps.

How to Cast Fire Wave in "RuneScape"?

The "RuneScape" Magic skill allows you to cast spells that assist your character with training skills, killing monsters and traveling around "RuneScape." Some spells, such as teleportation, enchant... Read More »

How to Cast a Spell in "Kings Quest III: To Heir Is Human"?

"King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human" requires you to break free from an evil magician and save your world. Although you'll have to learn how to cast spells to do so, it's not a difficult process if... Read More »