How to Cast a Fly Fishing Rod?

Answer Fly fishing is one of the hardest fishing techniques to master. But once you do master it, it can be the most fun type of fishing there is.

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How do i cast a fishing line?

The Right EquipmentChoose a casting rod size (extra light, light, medium, or heavy action) that corresponds with the lure or bait size you will be casting. Use an extra light rod with lures weighin... Read More »

How to Cast an Advantage Baitcast Fishing Reel?

Advantage baitcasting fishing reels are manufactured by Daiwa for medium-duty freshwater fishing. The reel is favored by bass anglers who often fish from a boat, since the reel is known for its pre... Read More »

Special form of of pre-cast walls construction in which wall panels are cast horizontally at the job site and then erected?

the common term for this type of construction is "tilt-up".

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