How to Casper a Tech Deck(Cheat)?

Answer This is how to do a casper on a tech deck.

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How to Casper a Tech Deck?

This is a good trick, which can amaze your friends, when done in motion.

How to Casper and then Do an Impossible on a Tech Deck?

Have you ever wanted to be good at tech deck skateboarding/ Well, Now you can impress your friends with an impossible casper!

How to Do a Halo Flip or Anti Casper on a Tech Deck?

Have you ever wondered how to anti casper on a tech deck or aka halo flip? Follow this step by step how to to learn how to!

How to Anti Casper to Casper Flip?

you are just skating along and you need an easy trick to pull offor your playing a game of skate and you need a trick that almost no one knows does or even can do but with these steps you should be... Read More »