How to Carry a Skateboard with a Slingz?

Answer The new SLINGZ hands free sports strap makes walking or riding a bike with a skateboard a breeze.

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How to Travel With a Skateboard?

Skateboarding is a fun thing to do almost anywhere! So you got a big vacation coming up, and what is one of your top items: your skateboard. There are precautions that need to be taken though, so f... Read More »

How to Impress a Girl With a Skateboard?

For this to work you have to at least be able to ollie on a board and to mount and dismount the skateboard in different ways.

How to Drop in on a Halfpipe With a Skateboard?

How to ride on "U" shaped ramps the first step.

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How to jump off the curb without hurting yourself. Impress your friends!