How to Carry Something on Your Head?

Answer Carrying anything on your head is an art. You see it in movies, and wonder, "How do they do that?" Plus, it's useful, and it gives you bragging rights.

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Can you get a concussion from swiping your head on something ?

As you did it lightly then I would have to say that you would not have concussion. .............

How to Do Something About Those Stories in Your Head?

I'm a writer whose brain practically blows up with stories and I can tell you, it's annoying. The biggest thing to do is organize.

Can dogs carry head lice?

According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, head lice only live on people. This means your dog cannot get head lice. However, dogs can carry another form of lice, but the lice dogs get is not the ... Read More »

Can cats carry head lice?

Fortunately, humans are the only host for the lice commonly known as head lice. However, cats can have lice―though this lice can be spread between cats, it cannot be spread from cats to humans.So... Read More »