How to Carry Out Testing Without Any Glitch?

Answer Testing is done to ensure that the product or software developed is in sync with the user requirements and also that it is superior in quality and efficiency. Test Management is nothing but a plan ... Read More »

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How to Carry out the 'Teddy Bear' Glitch in Black Ops?

As you know, when you get a mystery box in black ops, you can use 950 points to get a random weapon. If you get a teddy bear (Covered in blood), you will hear demonic kid's laughter, and the box wi... Read More »

How to Carry out Regression Testing?

Regression testing is done to ensure that a bug that had been fixed doesn’t affect the functioning of the application or software and also to check for new defects in the already tested software.... Read More »

Genetic testing can help parents determine if they carry certain genes that are known to cause serious disease in infants?

Sexual development before the age of eight in girls, and age 10 in boys.

In which countries are the overseas testing locations of the US Army located and in what kind of testing are they involved?

The US doesn't tend to test within other countries' borders. However, they have many overseas testing locations, nearly all islands in the south pacific. Here, nuclear weapons were tested during th... Read More »