How to Carry During Subtraction?

Answer Simple subtraction gets a little more complicated when carrying enters the scene. Most likely, it has been some time since you have had to write out a subtraction problem. This is largely thanks to... Read More »

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Can you carry more than 1 gun during hunting?

A hunter may carry more that one gun when hunting as long as the guns are registered and legal in the state where the hunt is taking place. In fact many hunters carry a side arm (hand gun) when hun... Read More »

How to Carry an Injured Person by Yourself During First Aid?

It may become necessary to carry a hurt victim by yourself in emergencies. You may need to get a victim away from hazards such as fire or falling debris. You may need to relocate the person from wo... Read More »

What is the easiest way to carry someone during an emergency?

It depends on if you have more than one person to do it with. But never move someone that has a suspected neck/spinal cord injury as it can make things all the more worse. But you might have to mov... Read More »

During which time period must all vessel carry night visual distress signals?