How to Care for the Dead Black Skin on a Wound?

Answer When a wound is serious in nature, the skin in and around the wound may start dying. This condition is known as necrosis. For removing this dead skin, doctors follow a procedure known as debridemen... Read More »

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Is there any skin care product that lighten black person's skin?

Ask Michael Jackson!! Only in America can a poor Black Boy grow up and become a Rich White Woman!!

Skin Care for Black Skin?

Black women seeking a smooth, even complexion can achieve their goal armed with the right products and knowledge about the complexities of their skin. Acne, scars and other skin issues must be deal... Read More »

Skin Care for Black Men?

Black men have a particular need for good skin care because of their naturally curly facial hair, potential for dry skin and problems with dark spots. These problems can be remedied with a few tips... Read More »

Skin Care for Black Women?

Looking your best includes taking care of your skin's condition before a major issue arises. For many black women, flawless skin is achievable by following a few simple tips to rejuvenate it. Facto... Read More »