How to Care for an Inner Lip Tattoo?

Answer Tattoos in the inner lip are the hardest to care for because the excessive moisture and their tendency to fade. Forty percent of inner lip tattoos completely fade because of improper care, some eve... Read More »

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Should i get an inner lip tattoo?

I think they are incredible, and i know someone whos had it for like 5 years and she still has it very nice no fade. she said it was like getting multiple piercings through her lip lol but shes not... Read More »

Inner wrist tattoo placement help?

The tattoos I have on my wrists are upside down to me, so the first word is on my right hand, so it would be readable by someone else. Also because I'm right handed so it felt like that one should ... Read More »

How long till i can work out again with new inner bicep tattoo?

You should be good to go. Put a layer of ointment on it before hand and clean it gently with mild soap n water afterwards dry then reapply ointment

What tattoo would you get to represent inner strength and serenity achieved in recovery from drug addicition?

AnswerI think that the Chinese symbol for serenity is a good idea. I am getting it on my wrist next month.