How to Care for an Injured Daddy Long Legs?

Answer Ever come across a creature so terrifying and disgusting you had to just scream? Well then you haven't come across a Daddy Long Leg. They're the 'sweetest' of the spider family and if you see one s... Read More »

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Daddy long legs how!?

What do daddy long legs eat?

Daddy longlegs, also called harvestmen, eat mites, small slugs, snails, earthworms, other harvestmen, decaying plant and animal remains, bird excrement, fungus and other insects. A daddy longlegs i... Read More »

Are daddy long legs spiders?

Daddy long legs are long-legged arachnids belonging to the order Opiliones. Also called harvestmen, they are distinguished from spiders by the absence of a division between the head and body. They ... Read More »

Is a daddy long legs an arachnid?

The daddy-longlegs spider is member of the arachnid (Arachnida) animal class. According to the University of California, daddy-longlegs "are in their own separate Order, which is Opiliones." Other ... Read More »