How to Care for a Texas Spiny Lizard?

Answer this is a Texas Spiny LizardThe Texas Spiny Lizard is a beautiful and not uncommon lizard in the drier regions of southern North America. This article will tell you how to care for this awesome rep... Read More »

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How to Care for an Eastern Fence Lizard?

To care for an Eastern fence lizard and see it thrive, create a habitat similar to its natural environment. There are 12 species of these lizards, often called swifts, and they live in warm climate... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Side-Blotched Lizard?

The side-blotched lizard (Uta stansburiana) is a small reptile that lives in the American Southwest and northern Mexico. The adult lizard may grow to about 6 inches from the tip of the snout to the... Read More »

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