How to Care for a Skunk Sprayed Dog?

Answer Has your dog been sprayed or been near a skunk? Don't let this pup stink up your house! Try the following solution to get your dog smelling clean in no time.

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My dog just got sprayed by a skunk.?

NPR had a segment called "Calling All Pets" in which pet care is often discussed with veterinary consult. A veterinarian discussed a similar incident with her dogs and discovered the miracle of Fe... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Baby Skunk Without Getting Sprayed?

A skunk is not an overly dangerous animal to find on your property, but it can cause a unique type of damage. When a skunk is threatened or frightened, it releases a potent spray with a powerful st... Read More »

What to Do if Humans Get Sprayed by a Skunk?

Skunk spray, also called skunk musk, is a potent form of protection the animal emits when it feels under threat. A skunk can shoot its musk several feet, and while the smell is noxious, it is not l... Read More »

How to Wash a Dog Sprayed by a Skunk?

Skunks--members of the weasel family--are characterized by their black and white stripped fur. They are also known for the foul-smelling spray they emit. Skunks release this spray as a means of def... Read More »