How to Care for a Senegal Parrot?

Answer Senegals enjoy human companionship and are fairly easy to train to perch on your hand.The comical, brightly colored, and intelligent Senegal Parrot makes a great pet. However, think before you leap... Read More »

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How to Raise a Senegal Parrot?

How to raise your Senegal parrot.Pets are like companions. They will always be on your side. You will definitely want to know to to take care of them, and how to raise them. Senegal parrots are lik... Read More »

What size cage should a Senegal parrot have?

A Senegal parrot is a medium-sized, very active bird that requires a cage big enough for climbing and for hanging upside down. A cage about four feet on each side is suitable. Space between the bar... Read More »

How to Care for a Parrot?

A great way to have a best mate is to get a parrot!!! Birds, however, are sensitive and require diligent care. Here are helpful tips to make caring for your new friend easier.

How to Take Care of a Quaker Parrot?

A happy Quaker plays with his toys.Quaker, or Monk, Parrots are known for a loving, mischievous personality. However, they do need some special care.