How to Care for a Pixie Lily Flower?

Answer Asiatic lilies are popular low-maintenance garden lilies that are characterized by their outward-facing, "freckled" blossoms. Colorful garden favorites, Asiatic lilies are available in almost every... Read More »

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Is lily a dead flower?

Arum Lilies signify death in some cultures. It is considered unlucky to put them in your wedding bouquet.

Biography of the Lily Flower?

Lilies populate history. They appear in various Greek and Roman myths and were symbolic in early Christianity. Today, there are approximately 80 species blooming across Asia, North America and Euro... Read More »

Why is the lily the flower of Easter?

The Easter lily is a white trumpet shaped flower that blooms in the spring. This flower, native to Japan, produces multiple blooms on a single stem.Biblical ReferenceThe lily is used symbolically i... Read More »

Lily Flower Disease?

Lilies are susceptible to several diseases that can ruin your garden display in a very short time. Healthy plants are more resistant to disease than are stressed plants. Keeping your plants healthy... Read More »