How to Care for a Pig With Pneumonia?

Answer A pig with swine pneumonia needs good care, quickly. The pneumonia can be caused by bacteria, viruses, chemicals (manure gas), extreme temperatures, stress, or parasites and it impacts the lower re... Read More »

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How to Care for a Sheep With Pneumonia?

Sheep can catch pneumonia from a variety of bugs, viruses and fungi. Taking good care of them is important to avoid losing your sheep. Here are some tips on helping your sheep's chances.

Can you get pneumonia again after having the pneumonia vaccination?

Please help,I got pneumonia!!!?

this is an Irish remedies that my mom used on my brother and on her self when they had pneumonia.2 ounces of water2 ounces of vinegar4 tables spoons of onion1 clove of garlic1/2 table spoon of caye... Read More »

Does asthma cause pneumonia?

Pneumonia is not an illness to take lightly; it can cause permanent damage in the lungs. Several things can cause pneumonia or facilitate the entry of the pneumonia germ to make someone sick. Asthm... Read More »