How to Care for a Pet Raccoon?

Answer A baby coon.Not many people think of raccoons as pets, but they make great ones, if you're okay with their mischievous personality. Here's how to care for one!

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How to Get Rid of a Raccoon?

Prevention and exclusion are the only methods that homeowners should employ to get rid of raccoons. It is illegal in most states for an unlicensed individual to trap and remove a raccoon. And while... Read More »

Who is Dennis the raccoon?

How to Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes?

Raccoon eyes is a term to describe dark circles under the eyes or when women's mascara has run and left them looking like a raccoon. If your raccoon eyes occur frequently and are not a result of sm... Read More »

How to Skin a Raccoon?

Skinning a coon is usually associated with hillbillies and rednecks, but skinning a coon can be essential for human survival.