How to Care for a Pet Chicken?

Answer Chickens are amazing pets. Not only do they lay eggs, they get rid of pests like frogs and mice, and eat almost any table scraps (strictly no meat). If you're thinking about owning chickens, read on!

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How to Care for a Chicken in an Apartment?

Keeping chickens is becoming as routine as keeping a dog or cat as a pet. In fact, pet chickens are even being kept in apartments in major cities. To accommodate the trend, cities like New York and... Read More »

How to Take Care of an Abandoned Chicken Egg Without an Incubator?

Chickens will sit on their eggs to keep them at the proper temperature while the chick is developing and growing. If your chicken dies or is unable to sit on an egg, you'll have to care for the egg... Read More »

How to care for chicken with major injury?

Keep the chicken inside the house for now, always keep an eye on em'. If the wound starts bleeding again put a warm rag on it. Don't press too hard though.

Curry Chicken Sweet & Sour Chicken Or General Tso's Chicken Which would you prefer?

They are all pretty tasty! Add to that list Sesame Chicken.. a bit of a cross between sweet & sour and General Tso's chicken. I usually would go for the Curry Chicken because its can be made healt... Read More »