How to Care for a PICC Line Site after It Is Removed?

Answer A PICC line -- peripherally inserted central catheter -- is a thin tube that is threaded through a vein in the arm and travels to the heart. A PICC line is used to deliver medication and prevents t... Read More »

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How to Flush a PICC Line When Not in Use?

A PICC line, or Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, is an IV access catheter placed in the vein of a limb with the lead ending in a vein closer to the heart. If a patient is using a PICC line f... Read More »

How to Care for Your Skin After a Mole is Removed?

Moles are unsightly skin growths that can be removed in two ways. Bigger or deep-rooted moles in the skin are removed by surgery. You can get rid of smaller and new moles through home remedies such... Read More »

How do you get a child removed from a foster care home?

you adopt the child or they became 18 whick means the foster care home is not responsible for them anymore.

Is the PICC gas saver for real?

On One Hand: It is a Great DreamThe Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter (PICC) is one of the most controversial inventions around. The PICC takes unburned fuel from the exhaust and breaks it down so t... Read More »