How to Care for a Neighbor's Garden?

Answer Your friend has asked you to watch her garden, but you are unsure. Here is some information to get you started.

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I think my new neighbors are raiding my garden, what should I do?

i would bring up the missing veggies to the new neighbors by saying ,have you guys seen any animals around my garden? cause i have veggies missing.or,did you see any one helping themselves to my ga... Read More »

How to Care for a Food Garden?

There is nothing like growing your own food, or at least a part of it. You'll enjoy the freshest fruits, vegetables, and herbs you can get, and there's a sense of satisfaction from knowing where yo... Read More »

How to Care for a Garden Slug?

Slugs make very good pets because they are interesting and feel nice to touch and hold. They are rewarding to look after.

How do I care for a teak garden?

Choosing LocationPlant your teak in an area of well-drained soil that gets a full eight hours of sunlight a day. If your soil collects standing water after rainfall, it is not well-draining. Lay do... Read More »