How to Care for a Microdermal Piercing?

Answer Microdermal piercings are a type of body modification also known as single-point piercings and dermal anchors. The jewelry used for a microdermal piercing features an oval-shaped surgical steel bas... Read More »

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MicroDermal Hip Piercing?

1 - mine were completely worth the money. I have four on my nape, and going to be adding more. I haven't had many issues with them. They've gotten caught on my bedsheets only once or twice durin... Read More »

How to Remove a Microdermal Piercing?

Microdermal implants, or surface anchors, are semi-permanent body piercings implanted in the face, neck, back, feet or almost any other body surface where a piercing is desired. Unlike many piercin... Read More »

Facts on Microdermal Piercing?

Most people have seen or had their ears pieced, but piercings can be much more complex, bordering in some cases on medical procedures. Transdermal implants, surface piercings and dermal anchoring ... Read More »

How to Take Care of a Lip Piercing?

People that get lip piercings always wonder how to take care of it without infection. Here’s how.