How to Care for a Female Betta Tank?

Answer Bettas are southeast Asian bubble nest breeders. Very popular as pet fish, the betta is colorful and friendly, readily swimming to people in a curious manner. Female bettas are almost as vividly p... Read More »

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Can you house a Betta male& female in the same tank?

Generally, male and female Bettas should not be placed in the same tank. The only time a male and female Betta can co-exist in a single tank is during mating and only after carefully conditioning t... Read More »

How to Set Up a Betta Tank?

Are you planning on getting a betta fish? Don't just stick him in a bowl or vase! This article explains how to set up a tank that will keep your betta healthy, happy, and handsome. A tank is the be... Read More »

What can I put in my betta tank?

Betta splendens, or Siamese fighting fish, are popular for their beauty and ease of care. Fish hobbyists who wish to set up a betta tank need to follow a few specific guidelines to keep the fish he... Read More »

Why are there bubbles at the top of my betta tank?

Betta fish are a common appearance in American homes and offices. The long-finned male betta is a beauty to watch. If you own a male betta long enough, it is likely that there will come a day when ... Read More »