How to Care for a Devil's Trumpet?

Answer The Devils' Trumpet is an annual that blooms in colors including white, purple and yellow. The plant is native to China and every aspect, from the roots to the blooms, of the plant is poisonous to ... Read More »

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Is Devils Tower active?

Though scientists once thought Devils Tower was the remains of an extinct volcano, they now believe it is a laccolith, which is a sub-surface intrusion of hot magma. The tower likely first became v... Read More »

What is a devils eye on a old house for?

Answer because there is a ghost and the devil is going to come and get youhh .

Scopolamine aka devils breath!?

No. Otherwise, don't you think the people would've tried to fight back. They usually have NO memories of what has happened and just wake up in random places that aren't their homes.

About the Devils Marbles?

The local Warumungu Aboriginals call them "Karlu Karlu," but the more common name is the Devils Marbles. Located in the Northern Territory of Australia, they are a collection of rounded granite bou... Read More »